Our Afternoon Song - 18x22 - Oil on Canvas

Our Afternoon Song - 18x22 - Oil on Canvas


My son has always enjoyed photography, so when he feels like shooting, he often invites me to come along. There are certain places that we enjoy, and late afternoon is our favorite time of day. While he was happily engrossed in his subject, I wandered around and stumbled upon this out of the way bit of beauty. Though no one else was there to notice or enjoy it, the light was hitting a crepe myrtle in full bloom, having its own personal party. It reminded me of the lyrics of an old song: "Make your own kind of music. Sing your own special song, even if nobody else sings along." So true for everyone, especially those of us who strive to create. This painting is my response to that moment, a lovely afternoon with my son.

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    18 x 22 x 0.625 inches

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