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Magnolia update 2

Since I addressed the darks last time, I want to strengthen the lighter value areas today so they'll stand out better against the darker background. I've thinned some Cobalt Violet, to use in the shadowed areas. For the highlights, I've mixed Quinacridone with Titanium White as a pink tint, as well as a yellow tint. Those two work well together.

Here I begin to address the question of form and value, so what began as a line drawing will now become three dimensional forms. I had purposefully mixed yesterday's paint with Turp so that it would dry quickly, which it did. Now I can easily paint on top of that layer.

Since I had "wiped out" the lighter areas during the background wash stage, some of the original wash (with the higher chroma colors) is still showing through, and I want to keep some of that as I work. The forms go down easily and the flowers are really beginning to come alive, which is fun! Today, I've chosen to mix the paint with Liquin, which is not as thin as Turps, but will still help the paint to dry well.

As I work, I can hear the persistent screech of a circular saw; the folks a few doors down are having some work done.

This has really helped the lighter value forms of the flowers to stand out well against the background. I can let this layer dry for today and get back at it tomorrow!

Wash w image_edited.jpg

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