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The focus today was on the last remaining part of the painting that had only a wash apolied to it: the central "seed pod". I'm not a plant expert, so I don't really know whether or not this is really a seed pod, but that's what I'm going to call it.

There was a basic purple wash over this area, thinly applied, so I knew I wanted to overpaint it using Cad Yellow. I mixed a tint and set that aside. Then I took a portion of that tint, which I mixed with a bit of Quinacridone (and believe me, a little goes a long way!). So I now had two highlight tints to apply over the purple, which went well.

Then I topped off the whole with a bit of detail: the tiny, hooked barbs that come out of the "seed pod", which I painted in straight up Quin.


There was very little light today, as though the sun forgot to rise! Thin, weak light like watered down milk. But we can't complain, knowing how much the rest of the country is suffering! My husband showed me a video of "lake effect snow" hitting Buffalo like a white wall--a snow tsunami! It is a bit warmer today than it's been this week (we had night time temps of 40 degrees). That's very cold to us here in FL, though the rest of country will scoff at us.

At any rate, now the whole painting has enough of a layer to make some overall adjustments when this layer dries. And the flowers themselves have to be strengthened.

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