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self esteem

10-22-15: Today I began to paint the actual canvases.

I'm using (3) 16 x 20" panels, and I have started the under-

painting in three main background colors: pink, yellow, and

orange, as see in the photos at right.

I'm doing the underpainting in acrylic so that it will be dry

tomorrow. For each of the main background colors, I have

mixed warm and cool versions, as you can see. The paint

has been applied rapidly, in quick strokes, with some flashes

of the white ground of the canvas showing through.

These colors are just a starting point which can be left as

they are, or they can be adjusted as the paintings develop.

Each layer will add, while also obscuring some of what is the

layer beneath. My hope is that some "flashes" of each layer will

remain to give the final image some sparkle.

Tomorrow, I intend to apply some alcohol inks, being patient to

work in stages. I sometimes get impatient and don't allow

enough time for each layer of alcohol ink to dry fully. So I've got to be aware of that and try to give it the time that it needs.

No one wants muddy paint, and that's what you'll get if the

for me in the next several days, being at peace with the process.

Many of our girls and women are bravely trying to confront and

reject the idea the marketers promote that we all have to look alike in order to be perceived as beautiful or worthy. Thank

goodness that we're NOT all alike, that we're each beautiful

and worthy in our own, unique ways (mind, body, spirit, talents,

etc.). It takes time and PATIENCE to make any positive change,

to change the way we perceive ourselves, the way we believe

others perceive us, to accept ourselves and realize that others can

accept and love us just as we are--and you know what? If they can't or won't, then that's on THEM. That's THEIR problem. It doesn't have to be ours!

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