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DAILY PAINTING: "be-YOU-t-ful" series

10-23-15--Alcohol inks are such fun! I love watching the painting change before my eyes! And I'm very pleased with today's results.

Top right was the pink background, to which I have added straight up yellow as well as yellow green. Yellow green and pink are complimentary (meaning they are opposite to each other on the color wheel), which gives this painting a bit of sparkle that it otherwise would not have had (being sure to keep the pink clearly dominant with a much lower percentage of yellow green).

The two remaining backgrounds show the orange background (middle), to which has been added some blue (there's that complimentary color again!). And the lower right panel was the yellow background (with flashes of yellow green). To that has been added hot pink--love it! And the pink, again, is given sparkle by the yellow green.

You'll remember that yesterday's paint was applied loosely, leaving some apparent brushstrokes (which are always just fine with me). Those brushstrokes have created a texture on the otherwise smooth canvas, and the water / paint / alcohol mixture

in this second layer has settled into that texture, creating this

intriguing and organic pattern. You really cannot predict ahead

of time how it will look. You just have to let it appear before your eyes.

A chemical reaction happens between the water in the paint and the alcohol, creating the "halo" effect that you see, and the two substances repel each other, leaving some areas "clear" (where you can see the underlying paint layer), while the new paint does its magic in other areas.

We spoke of the need for PATIENCE yesterday, and I have an important realization that came to me in that interval, but I'll share that with you in a future post.

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