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DAILY PAINTING: "be-YOU-t-ful" 10-27-15: You know that I'm working on drawing in a "distorted" way, and I remembered an exercise my drawing professor used in college. I was taught by a wonderful Italian woman (I wonder if she's still living?!). One day she asked us to go outside and find a stick. She didn't explain. At the university, the art complex shared wooded grounds with the architecture building next door, so we scrambled around & came back with sticks.

She had us sit on high stools & put our drawing pads on the floor. Then we attached bits of charcoal to our sticks, and we drew that way. What a great exercise!

Today, I ran outside in the rain to get a stick that had fallen from the tree, and when I brought it inside, my dog thought it was for her. My husband jokingly said, "That thing looks kinda dangerous!" In honor of my professor, I'm going to do some "distorted" drawing!

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