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DAILY PAINTING: "be-YOU-t-ful" 10-29-15 I'm transferring the drawings onto canvas, so this gives me a chance to describe part of the concept that we haven't discussed yet: we've talked about using marketing tactics against them, to show that their message is false. We've talked about using bright colors & distorted images, but there's more.

Marketers bombard us with messages that say we have to look a certain way, buy their products to lose weight, make our hair less frizzy, clear up our skin, wear the right clothes, read the right magazines, yada yada yada. My idea is to counter their subliminal, negative messages. They see us as "consumers", not as human beings, & they want to exploit & magnify the normal insecurities & imperfections we all have so that we buy their stuff. The worse we feel, the more we buy.

I want to weave positive messages into my paintings, using different sizes & styles of typography, writing my messages in different languages to show that it is the voices of people throughtout the world who can counter the negative marketing messages by saying, "I am beautiful" ("Je suis beau") or "Ich bin schon" or "Soy hermosa". Another message is "just as I am", which can be said in Italian "cosi come sono" or "juste comme je suis". And "I am more than I appear": "Estoy mas que aparezco" or "Ich bin mehr als ich er scheinen." You get the idea!

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