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DAILY PAINTING: COMPLETED "Precious Pit Bull" 11-14-15 I'm really happy with this painting! I think it expresses Took's personality well, for those of us who are not blessed enough to actually be with him.

As you can see, I made some minor but helpful adjustments. Yesterday, I was not completely happy with the Turquoise I had been using. The idea of a warm blue a good counter to the cool Ultramarine, but there was something about the Turq that just wasn't quite right. Today, I had the idea to try Cerulean, and that was just the ticket. Also, I had the idea to use a warm pink (in the texture of the dog bed) as a contrast to the cool pinks used in Took himself. That worked well, too.

I left just a few accent lines. The rest I overpainted as too busy, interfering with the image rather than contributing to it.

I have a cold, so I might be down for the count for a few days.

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