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oil painting with cold wax

DAILY PAINTING: Ya gotta love cold wax! This morning, I was dissatisfied with the dark area at the bottom left of this composition, so I scraped much of it away. I wanted to open up the lower portion of the canvas with long, free-running strokes. The teal tint seemed to be working, as a cool counterpart to the warm colors, so I'm giving myself the option to extend that color. I mixed white with a blob of wax and then thinned it with turp and just slapped it on with a painting knife. Then I used a paper towel to wipe at it, and a handful of Q-tips created the soft lines you see.

I wanted to link the two compositions, so I gave the same treatment to the lower right of the female portrait. The white lines will be given some colors when that layer is dry.

You can see that I've also used the same white mixture to provide some suggestion of dimension to the upper third of the canvases, creating a break between those spatial planes. Later, I intend to give that white a tinge of Cad Yellow. I'm much happier with today's work than yesterday's!

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